About me

My research interests lie primarily in the use of quantum chemistry methods including mainly density functional theory (DFT) to study catalytic reactions. My latest research activity focuses on the modeling of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts as well as surfaces of many inorganic materials. The goals are to unravel reaction mechanisms of many important processes and to guide and assist experimentalists in development of novel catalytic systems.

I have just finished my PhD thesis entitled "The CrOx/SiO2 catalyst - structure of the surface species and mechanism of ethylene polymerization" under the supervision of prof. J. Handzlik (Cracow University of Technology). I am really honored that I had an opportunity to work with prof. J. Handzlik. I am really thankful for all his tips, remarks and discussion we made.

Currently, I am looking for a PostDoc position in the field of computational chemistry/physics.